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Speaking Up: Let Patients Have a Say

One of the main tenets of patient-centered care is giving patients more control over their health and health decisions made on their behalf. Patients have a clear and important role in their own care through a concept called “patienthood” — the self-management behavior that ensures we either give to ourselves … (read full article)

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Are Patients Talking and Are Doctors Listening?

Rheumatologist Daniel J. Wallace, M.D., who has treated more than 2,000 people with lupus, holds what he calls a counseling session with each patient he diagnoses with the disease. As he writes in his book, The Lupus Book, he uses these sessions to educate patients about their illness and explain … (read full article)

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Four benefits of electronic health records

Leaders from industry, academia, and health care discuss the rollout of this technology at The Atlantic’s sixth annual Health Care Forum Today The Atlantic Health Care Forum brought together leading policymakers and industry experts in medicine, public health, and nutrition to have conversations about the state of the nation’s health … (read full article)