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Not So Fast! Chews Your Bites Carefully.

Paul DeMiglio

Paul DeMiglio

You might ask what gulping down your meal has to do with health. Well, the reason could lie somewhere in your middle.

Proper diet and exercise are critical ingredients to successful weight management, but there’s even more to the story. When you have your next meal, remember that fewer bites might mean more calories consumed and a snugger fit into your swimsuit this summer.

The New York Times did our homework for us in a May 6 story by C. Claiborne Ray:

“Long-term effects of fast eating on weight gain were examined in a 2006 Japanese study using questionnaires filled out by 3,737 men and 1,005 women. The faster they reported eating, the higher their reported body mass index and the greater the increase since the age of 20.”

Do you agree? Does fast eating have something to do with putting on more pounds? Share your story below.

This post is the first in a series of tips we will share for watching what and how you eat.

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